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All Round Feed 4kg

Viano All Round ‘Plant based’ Feed is made entirely of 100% vegetable raw materials.

An organic fertiliser for general use in ornamental, herb, fruit and vegetable gardens. It is authorised for use in organic farming lasting for up to 4 months.

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40 - 80m2 (4kg box)
Ideal Temperature:
Outside: - 12-15°
Greenhouse: 12°


Availability: Out of stock

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Viano All Round ‘Plant based’ Feed is made entirely of 100% vegetable raw materials.

An organic fertiliser for general use in ornamental, herb, fruit and vegetable gardens. It is authorised for use in organic farming lasting for up to 4 months.

  • Made by Solar Energy
  • For Universal Application

Offers the plant a wide range of essential nutrients, activates soil life and improves soil structure.

This All Round Feed is suitable for use before planting, or to use as a maintenance fertiliser during the growing season. Does not leach out into the ground water and does not burn plants. 

It does not contain animal by-products.

Safe for children, pets and insects when applied and stored correctly

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