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Customer Testimonials

Eddie Seaward MBE, NDT

Retired Head Groundsman, All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon Past Patron Institute of Groundsmanship Past Patron Land Drainage Contractors Association

I have tested MO Bacter and find that it really does do what is says on the tin, so I have no hesitation in recommending its use on lawns throughout the country.

Throughout the whole of my life I have enjoyed working with nature and I have always wanted to enhance the world in which I live, particularly in the course of my work. It is good to see attitudes changing towards organic products and methods.

Organic fertilisers which contain soil friendly microbes can, and do, play a large part in revitalising the soil and it is here that Viano makes a major contribution. Their fertilisers are not only organic and enhance the soil, but they are manufactured using solar energy and are distributed in the UK by DJ Turfcare.

Dear David,

It is rarely that one feels moved to comment on consumer products these days, most being regurgitations of well-established templates that haven’t varied a great deal over a long time. But I have to express to you my amazement at this MO Bacter invention; it is, simply put, stunning in its effectiveness.

A quick overview of my turf-related activities here: I decided to address the utterly ‘knackered’ lawn here seriously last year, after decades of neglect (this is an old family residence). Thus, I searched long hard for the best modern turf treatments going.

I overseeded with a standard 80/20 fescue/bent mixture September 2009, and laid down the MO B in April this year.

The lawn had a seriously engrained moss infestation 12 months ago out there; this has now completely disappeared.

There wasn’t a shred of moss anywhere to be seen.

Really, really great stuff; what a fantastic invention

I can’t remember the last time I found myself just so plain childishly thrilled by the brilliance of something so new and effective.
It really has done 100% of what it claimed so miraculously to be able to achieve.

Testimonial - Sue Bird

Please can I reorder another 20kg bag of MO BACTER lawn fertiliser - it is brilliant stuff - all moss virtually disappeared but want to re-treat mid May


WE have used the MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser after the grass had its first cut and it has made a great difference to our lawn, in a positive way


Hello David,

I’m sure you will be tiring of the misery of many of your customers who have parched brown patches where they used to have lawns!

Just to cheer you up a bit here’s a picture of our lawn taken just a few minutes ago.

No watering this summer at all, cutting it fairly long, virtually no topsoil and wet heavy clay subsoil just below the ‘green’ - oh, and plenty of your MO Bacter earlier on has kept it surprisingly fresh and the envy of the neighbours who haven’t been so lucky!

I’ll be along to see you in the autumn for some more medicine!

Yours gratefully,

David Faithfull

Testimonial - Marie

"the results from MO Bacter I used on my grass last year WAS AMAZING"