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What is the easiest way to rid your Lawn of MOSS?

A good looking lawn helps show your garden at its best. Moss discolours your lawn and makes it look less appealing.

Watch here as I show you an organic method of removing moss without the need of the horrendous back breaking job of raking it out.

BIO Lime - Understanding PH

Many lawns in the UK are acidic by nature. Acid lawns are ideal for moss to grow and take hold making your lawn look rather unsightly. Here, we describe what you can do to help neutralise the acid in the lawn and encourage a thriving environment for the grass plant to grow.

Next Years Lawn start THIS Autumn

If you desire to have a good looking lawn next summer, get ahead and start this Autumn - good lawn care ALWAYS starts in the Autumn.

Recovery Organic Lawn Fertiliser

After the hot spell here's how to get your lawn back in shape the organic way with Recovery from Viano.

Viano Spreader Assembly

Assembling your Viano spreader is actually quite an easy thing to do. We have prepared a short video detailing the steps you need to take to get your spreader working after it arrives.

MO Bacter Orgainic Lawn Fertiliser

MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser is a slow release organic granular fertiliser that digests moss removing the need to scarify your lawn.

Atom Lawn Edger

Simple and easy to follow instructional video on how to assemble your Atom Professional Lawn Edger when you have received it from DJ Turfcare.