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Formal Grass Seed for Fine Lawns

Limagrain's formal grass seed is a non-ryegrass mixture perfectly suited for someone looking to produce an attractive and fine looking lawn.


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Perfect for fine lawns and other hight quality landscape areas, this grass seed produces a strong and healthy plant that will make your neighbours envious.

This Formal Grass Seed creates a superior looking lawn with fine leaf grasses which give a very attractive appearance. It produces a compact sward which crowds out competition from weeds.

  • This seed is ideal for a formal lawn and can be used for establishing a new lawn or over seeding.
  • Sow between March and October. Young grass will normally take 14-21 days to germinate.
  • For new lawns sow at a rate of 35g per sq metre or 1.5 oz per sq yard
  • For Overseeding use a rate of 25g per sq. metre or ¾ oz per sq. yard

Pack Size 2KG

Sowing rate 30 - 50g/m2

Cutting Height 20mm

information: When first mowing new grass start at a height of 5-8cm about 2-3 inches then gradually lower the height of cut to about 25mm or 1inch. It is important not to remove more than one third of the length of the grass blade in any one cut

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