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Humus is a vital constituent of soils and is largely responsible for stabilising the structure of fine-textured soils. Consequently, it is an important contribution to enhanced aeration and drainage of such soils.

It is also essential in extremely sandy soils that would otherwise be very poor at retaining nutrients for turfgrass growth and development.

Humic and fulvic acids (the basic ingredients of 'Humifirst') are the active elements of humus and greatly contribute to nutrient retention in soils and the encouragement of nutrient availability to the plants. They are particularly valuable in promoting the availability of many trace elements.

They also stimulate microbe activity in the rhizosphere, the zone in the soil that is immediately adjacent to the roots. And, in doing so, the soil microbes release nutrients to the benefit of the grasses. It is a natural process that is encouraged by the addition of these humic substances.

The result is that soils can drain better; become better aerated; reduce droughtiness; warm earlier in spring; and have a higher capacity to provide essential nutrients.

All these factors can result in a more extensive and efficient root system. And that results in a healthy plant that can more successfully withstand environmental stresses.

Humifirst’ is an integral ingredient of Recovery, the Viano fertiliser from DJ Turfcare to boost grass after stress.


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