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Lawn Edger Testimonial

Brian Powell TestimonialDear David,

For what it's worth, I am not a professional as such - simply an aging amateur gardener with an engineering bent. (You may remember our discussion about test-flying!).

I have about a mile of lawn edges in some two and a half acres of garden. I found that even the best professional lawn edging shears got blunt too quickly with such extensive use, and a mechanical lawn edger accomplishes the same work in less than a quarter of the time and with even less labour.

After assessing its competitors I chose the Atom Lawn Edger for practical reasons.

I was impressed by the engineering design of the Atom, with its lubricated shaft drive and bevel reduction gearing - in my opinion superior to a belt drive.

I also noted the wheel - designed large enough in diameter and width to enable the machine to be operated without effort over the roughest of lawn surfaces. This was a point strangely missed among the lesser expensive of its competitors.

I was impressed by its maneuverability and the superior accuracy with which it can be used. Unlike its heavier competitors, it is equally maneuverable on curved or straight edges, and - with careful use of the edge-line indicator - can trim with safety close to concrete driveways, paths and patios.

Furthermore the depth of cut is infinitely adjustable - first by the setting on the tool, itself, and secondly by adjustment of the handlebar height during use. The latter feature gives the operator the ability to cater for varying conditions of toughness in the soil edge while in use without overloading the engine.

I chose the four-stroke engine for two reasons. First, it is quieter than the two-stroke and has longer engine life, and secondly that since two-stroke fuel deteriorates with time I would otherwise have had to purge the engine and drain the tank at the end of the cutting season.

I hope you will find these amateur observations useful.

Brian Powell, Retired Test Pilot