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Moss Replacement Grass seed

For repairing moss damaged lawns


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This seed is ideal for overseeding about four weeks after treating your lawn with Mo Bacter.

  • This seed mix has been formulated to compete with moss encroachment.
  • Moss is often caused by poor drainage, acid soil, low cutting and low nutrients. For these reasons we recommend aeration using the Hollow tine Aerator and applying Bio-Lime and overseeding with this special seed mix in the spring. Although it can be used throughout the growing season
  • Sow between March and October. Young grass will normally take 14-21 days to germinate.
  • For Overseeding use a rate of 25g per sq. metre or ¾ oz per sq. yard

When first mowing new grass start at a height of 5-8cm about 2-3 inches then gradually lower the height of cut to about 25mm or 1inch. It is important not to remove more than one third of the length of the grass blade in any one cut. Let the grass grow longer to 50mm or 2 inches for areas where moss has been a problem for some time.

March to October. Young grass will appear within 7 days in ideal conditions but longer when ground is cold.
  50g per sq. metre (1 ¾ oz per sq. yard) or if no grass is present, up to 75g per sq. metre (2 ½ oz per sq. yard).
  Recommended height, 50mm (2in) for better moss prevention, but can be cut to 25mm (1in) high if necessary.
  Mow regularly but try not to remove more than a third of the growth at any one time.

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