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Recovery Organic Fertilizer gives Grass a Natural Boost

NEW to the UK from Viano of Belgium, Recovery is a unique fertiliser created to restore damaged turf for the winter months.

Containing Humifirst – derived from organic manure – Recovery also includes magnesium for maintaining grass colour.

With a special formula (NPK 8-6-13 + magnesium 3) it is the inclusion of Humifirst which creates biological activity to act as a growth stimulant and encourage root development. Humifirst attaches itself to particles of soil and improves the soil structure so that it is able to hold more nutrients and water.

Grass roots latch on to the soil particles, stimulating healthy growth which is almost immediately apparent. Treated lawns continue to improve and look healthy for 12 weeks after application.

It is ideally applied in autumn or early spring, but can be used year round. Three applications a year gives best results.

Martyn Jones, turf lecturer and trustee of the National Turfgrass Foundation, says Recovery has proved to give remarkable results.

"The benefits of Humifirst are that roots can develop to their full potential, ensuring grass gets a healthy boost after a period of stress," he says.
"Recovery is ideal for those situations where the grass has been subjected to heavy wear or tough weather conditions, either drought or flooding."

Martyn explains:

"Humic and fulvic acids, the basic ingredients of Humifirst, are the active elements of humus and greatly contribute to nutrient retention in soils and the encouragement of nutrient availability to the plants. They are particularly valuable in promoting the availability of many trace elements." See Humus notes

Viano of Belgium are renowned for their organic fertilisers and launched MO Bacter in the UK at Saltex last year. The award-winning slow-release fertiliser eliminates moss through secondary action and bacteria then digests dead matter, leaving no debris.

DJ Turfcare are the sole distributors of Viano products in the UK. Managing director David Jenkins says:

"Recovery has been a proven success among users in Europe and we are delighted to be able to bring this product to the UK."

Recovery comes in 20kg bags (granular). A bag will cover 200 square metres.